Production and Raw Materials

Materii prime


Consumer safety is the highest value. To guarantee this, Fornetti operates a complex material management IT system and its own technology that tracks, documents and verifies food safety and product quality from raw material to finished product.

In our factories, high production quality is ensured by automatic and semi-automatic Italian and German production machines with the most modern technology and well-trained employees.

Our products contain only raw materials from suppliers that meet strict quality conditions, and are verified regularly. The raw materials can enter the production process only if all the parameters correspond and the microbiological verification has been carried out in our own laboratory.

Our manufacturing measurement and data collection system tracks the product from fermentation to packaging. This is a fixed system in the production lines with sensors and measuring stations for making measurements in the times provided by the program. The data stored by the system are accessible online to authorized persons, thus allowing the intervention of specialists whenever needed.

Objective verification of quality and hygiene is ensured by our digital quality control system. With the help of this self-developed mobile system, checks are carried out according to a predetermined structure and questionnaire. The questionnaire allows maximum verification, eliminating worker subjectivity. During the verification of hygiene and production parameters, the system warns in case of deviations, immediately sending an alarm signal to the responsible persons’ phone. Thus, they have the possibility to intervene immediately.

Fornetti processes the best quality natural raw materials in its products and strives to manufacture products with the best nutritional effect. Products of household nature are manufactured on an industrial scale, so that the original recipes do not suffer any changes, thanks to the safety, accuracy, hygiene and constant quality ensured by an automated factory.

Product developers take into account the latest research results in food science and collaborate with leading researchers in this field to provide consumers with the latest international science results in the form of tasty, “always warm” bakery products.


Materii prime

Raw materials

In accordance with the objective of Act no. 205/26.05.2004, the Fornetti Group attaches great importance to the protection of animals and agrees with the statement that people’s sense of responsibility must be intensified in order to treat animals with great care.

In this sense the company is convinced that animals are beings capable of feelings, suffering and happiness; respecting them and ensuring their well-being is our moral obligation. That is why Fornetti Group supports in every way the protection of animal rights, as well as their ethical breeding - during the audit at the work stations of our suppliers of raw materials, a special role is played by the way our partner respects the provisions of the mentioned act and beyond these, the modern animal welfare measures adopted. Fornetti Group collaborates exclusively with those who are committed to a protective breeding of animals, respectively to the production of raw materials that correspond to the above criteria.

For the products manufactured by our company, there are strict and comprehensive food safety rules that Fornetti Group respects under all conditions. For us, the protection of the health of our consumers, ensuring maximum food safety is the most important task – we strictly comply with the requirements stipulated by legal regulations and standards regarding our products.

Part of these raw materials is based on eggs also, in case of which Fornetti Group has an approach with particular attention.

We are constantly working to completely replace egg raw materials. Our cage-egg consumption will be replaced 100% by barn egg origin, starting from August 2024.

Unfortunately, in the current unstable economic environment - due to war events, record energy prices and unfavorable inflationary effects - the supply chain in the European and Romanian egg markets is facing serious difficulties.

To achieve our goals and overcome the difficulties listed above, our development and acquisition team has invested considerable energy in testing vegan, plant-based ingredients with the goal of replacing all egg products with plant-based products. We already changed 30% of our egg-based products to plant-based products

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