Quality management – Food safety

Minőségirányítás, élelmiszerbiztonság

As a consequence of our quality-oriented mentality, the determined objectives and expectations constitute the quality trademark, policy and commitment of Fornetti:

  • To comply with our and external regulations concerning food safety and quality
  • To achieve consumer confidence by performing expectations and preferences 

Using ingredients selected and approved based on the established set of strict requirements is an essential requirement of manufacturing high quality and safe products. As far as flour is concerned, we managed to standardize the required quantitative and technological parameters as a result of several years of development and countless analyses. In October, 2007 Fornetti launched a national campaign in order to minimize the trans fatty acid content in the fats used in its products. At that time Fornetti was the first company in Hungary to introduce completely hydrogenation-free margarine with low fatty acid content into production. Fornetti embraces the needs and results of nutritional science with the maximal expectable amount of caution not only its quality policy, but also in its business philosophy. Fornetti takes care of the presence of physiologically important components also when selecting the ingredients.




Minőségirányítás, élelmiszerbiztonság


Raw materials must not contain genetically modified ingredients. Regular monitoring takes place via regulated analytic and microbiological examinations. The applied management-technological solutions enable our system to manufacture products with a standard, constant quality.

Before use, our raw materials and manufactured finished products are examined and checked in our own microbiological laboratory. During production the product-technology and hygiene-related parameters specifically regulated for each product are continuously monitored. In the spirit of quality, an own baking laboratory and an exhibition-education room is being operated, where we intend to elaborate appropriate product quality in an actual store-environment with constant test-bakings, by training the employees of our franchise partners and via practical product handling.

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