Attila Bánhidi, MD CCMO Managing Director - Fornetti Group

He was born on 8th October, 1970. He is married with two daughters. Having completed his studies at a bilingual course of a secondary school, he graduated from the College for Commerce and Catering. Prior to Fornetti he was the CEO of Mocca Negra Zrt. Since 2010 he has been Fornetti’s commercial director. He successfully conducted the New Time Program, the transformation of the total franchise network, when all franchise partner contracts were renewed and categorised in one of 4 different shop types. It also meant the full refurbishment and transformation of the shops that involved two image changes. A new shop type – shop-in-shop - was introduced in the retail chains when bakery corners were set up in several locations at a high speed. His achievements also include the launch of trade with international Retail chains.

He spends his little free time with his children and with doing sports. Earlier on he pursued several branches of heavy athletics so developing sport into an essential part of his life.  In the past years he has been active in bench pressing and body workout. Besides sports he is interested in cars and enjoys dog breeding.

István Herczeg, COO Managing Director - Fornetti Group

I joined Fornetti because I received the proposal in a period of my life when I was open and ready for challenges given by a new company and new environment.

I do believe that the company can benefit from my experience and knowledge and with my new team we can contribute to the ongoing successful operations of Fornetti.

I completed my Food Engineer and Quality Control Engineer degree at the Szeged College for Food Industry. For 18 years I was working for Sole-Mizo in various areas of the operations, and left that company as the deputy CEO.

I live in Szeged with my family. I enjoy sailing, fishing and hunting.

Zoltán Kovács, CFO Managing Director - Fornetti Group

He was born on September 1st, 1978. He is married, he has a little son and a baby girl. He went to high-school in Kecskemét, at ÁFEOSZ. Based on his school achievements he was admitted to the College of Finance and Accountancy in Győr without needing to pass an admission test. He obtained his first diploma in accountancy, and the second one in finance. His first workplace is Fornetti, where he has been working in different financial fields from the year 2000. The biggest professional challenge for him is that during the development of Fornetti he has always come across even more up-to-date directions; thus there is no conventionalism, and one constantly has to measure up to new situations and requirements. Besides his work, he has managed the finances of the Public Foundation for the Public Safety of Kecskemét for three years, without any remuneration.

His hobby is line-fishing.

Martin Udvarev,  Managing Director - Fornetti Romania

Martin Udvarev was born in Budapest, on August 17, 1973, and is the 5th generation of Bulgarians born in Hungary He graduated from the Bulgarian-Hungarian high school, and then continued his studies in the financial field at Kodolani Janos, business management in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2003-2005) and a Strategic Financial Management online course, at Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK in 2020. Before joining Fornetti Romania, he led, with much success Fornetti Bulgaria, where he was Managing Director for 17 years. Some of his highlights as Bulgarian MD, we can nominate building the franchise system from scratch, reaching 200 franchise units in 200 days, in 2006 and coordination of 4.000 m² plant construction on green field - done in 10 months in 2008. Before assuming the position of General Manager of Fornetti Bulgaria, in October 2006, he worked at the Hungarian Embassy in Sofia, for 4 years, as Financial officer and Deputy Consul. Martin is married and has a son.


Gabriel Voin, Director Comercial

Since April 2018, Gabriel Voin is the Commercial Director of Fornetti Romania. Gabriel joined our Fornetti team in 2006 and has over 15 years of experience in developing the Fornetti franchise system in Romania, holding over the years several positions in the Sales and Marketing department such as: Project Manager, Marketing Manager, Regional Sales Manager and Director of the franchise and concept division.

Gabriel is from Timişoara, he attended the courses of the Polytechnic University. He is passionate about tennis, reading and traveling when time allows. Professionally, but also in life, he is guided by the motto: "I strongly believe that a solid team sees any obstacle as a challenge, and my daily goal is to have a strong and motivated team".

Gyongyike Sinescu, Financial Director

Gyongyike Sinescu joined the company in 2002, starting her activity as an economist, being in this position for 3 years. In 2005 she was promoted as Head of Financial-Accounting Department, and since 2007 she holds the position of Financial Director of the company.
Gyongyike is from Timisoara, Romania and graduated from the Faculty of Informatics and Management Accounting. Since 2010 he is a member of the Body of Certified Accounting Experts in Romania.
She is married and has two sons. She is a great lover of animals, sports and trips, and she likes to spend her free time with family and friends.

Av. Alina-Loredana Jurja- Legal Manager

Mrs. Alina Jurja joined our Fornetti team almost 20 years ago. In a period of pioneering in the field of franchising legislation and a period of beginnings for Fornetti, she helped building the Fornetti Franchise in Romania. At first a legal advisor, then a lawyer, Mrs. Jurja has university studies in the legal and economic fields and started her legal career in 2000. Fornetti Romania is her soul project! She is from Timișoara, she is married and has two boys, and she dedicates the little free time she has to her family.

Firuța Puiu - Health and Safety/Environment/Emergency Situations Manager

Firuța Puiu joined the Fornetti Romania team on August  2007, having recently graduated from the Politehnica University of Timișoara. She started her career as an engineer in the food industry. About 1 year after her employment, in October 2008 she was promoted to the position of Head of Occupational Health and Safety/Environment/Emergency Situations department, following a series of specialization courses in all 3 fields. Firuta is one of the longest-serving managers, with over 15 years of experience in coordinating this unique department in the company. She is 39 years old, she likes to travel, and prefers to spend her free time with family and friends.

Felfoldi Adrian-Ștefan, Manager Aprovizionare

Adrian a absolvit Facultatea de Construcții, din cadrul Universității Politehnica din Timișoara și, după o scurtă activitate în domeniul lui de specialitate, s-a alăturat echipei Fornetti în anul 2010.

În urma experiențelor dobândite în diferite funcții în cadrul Departamentului Tehnic și mai târziu a Departamentului Aprovizionare-Logistică, începând din 2016 a fost numit în funcția de Manager Aprovizionare.

Timpul liber îl petrece împreună cu familia, îi plac excursiile, snorkelling-ul și înotul.

Bianca Mirea, Manager Resurse Umane

Since June 20 2011, Bianca Mirea is the Human Resources Manager. She has been with Fornetti since August 2006, immediately after graduating from the Faculty of Mathematics at Western University.

She has a motto that is guided by: "Never stop learning", which is why in 2020 she began her studies at in Human Resources Management-Masters level. During the master's degree she was involved in several international projects in the field of Human Resources, offering consultancy to participating students.

She is 38 years old, and in her free time she likes to travel, read or watch a good movie.

Popa Lionel, Manager IT

Venit în februarie 2012 ca technician IT, s-a implicat activ în activitatea companiei, realizând o serie de proiecte majore. Datorită rezultatelor obținute, domnul Popa a fost promovat succesiv, de la tehnician IT, la șef de departament, iar din anul 2017 este Manager IT. Lionel este pasionat de IT, natură si istorie, unul din hobby-urile sale fiind metal-detecting-ul.

Dintre produsele Fornetti, favoritul său este pogăceaua cu cașcaval.

Marin Simionca, Director Transport

Marin este născut la Bistrița în 1971, locuiește în Timișoara din 1990 și a absolvit Universitatea Tehnică din Timișoara, Facultatea de Mecanică în Specializarea Utilaj Tehnologic pentru Industria Alimentară și Facultatea de Management în Producție și Transporturi, Specializarea Circulație Rutieră, urmând și un Master în Specializarea Utilaje Tehnologice pentru Fabricația Produselor Alimentare.

Începând cu data de 7 martie 2008, domnul Marin Simionca este Director Transport Fornetti România. Are o vastă experiență în domeniul transporturilor, ocupând funcții de conducere în logistică și la service-uri auto. Este pasionat de sport și călătorii, iar timpul liber preferă să îl petreacă activ, jucând tenis și fotbal. Printre altele este atestat ca și Profesor de Legislație Rutieră și Instructor de școală de șoferi.

Diana Zărnoianu, Manager Calitate

Diana-Mihaela Zărnoianu este din Segarcea Dolj, România și a absolvit Facultatea de Tehnologia Produselor Agroalimentare din Timişoara. De 11 ani face parte din compania Fornetti România coordonând Departamentul Calitate. Are 36 de ani, îi place să călătorească, iubeşte muntele, îi plac drumeţiile, iar timpul liber preferă să îl petreacă alături de fiul său. Dintre produsele Fornetti, favoritul său este expresul cu mere.

Kindle Ioan Nicolae, Director Tehnic

Începând cu data de 2 decembrie 2008, domnul Kindle Ioan Nicolae este Director Tehnic la Fornetti România. Are o vastă experiență în domeniul tehnic, ocupând funcții de conducere în cadrul Edas SRL și Zoppas Industries SRL, acestea fiind parte din atuu-rile care îl recomandă în această postură.

Ioan este născut în Marghita, jud. Bihor și a absolvit Institutul Politehnic din Timișoara secția Mecanică Fină. Are 56 de ani, este pasionat de excursii în natură, schi și pescuit. Este mare iubitor de animale, în special de câini, iar timpul liber preferă să îl petreacă activ alături de familie și prieteni sau în grădină. Dintre produsele Fornetti, favoritul său este mini cu mere.

Robert Bausche – head of external maintenance service

Robert Bausche is the new head of external maintenance service of Fornetti Romania. Robert joined our team in 2017 as Head of technical office, but because of his experience in the field, as well as his great results obtained in the department, his promotion was well deserved.  He is responsible for the energetic audit in the company, and he also conducted, with succes, a massive project of reconstruction in the Fornetti factory in Timisoara. He graduated with a Masters degree in Mecatronics at Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara in 2020.  In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, riding the bike, and spending time with his nephews.

Pop Ovidiu, Manager punct de lucru București

Domnul Pop s-a alăturat echipei Fornetti România în mai 2009, la Departamentul de Transport din Timișoara, având o bogată experiență în logistică și transport în diverse companii din țară.

În ianuarie 2012, a fost relocat pe regiunea București, iar din august 2012 ocupă funcția de Manager Punct de lucru București, coordonând activitățile companiei din capitală și nu numai.

Timpul liber ii place să îl petreacă cu familia, să gătească și să înoate. Totodată, este pasionat de sport și activități în aer liber.

Day by day almost 2 million people consume the products of Fornetti. Adapting to the needs of our customers we place emphasis on the continuous renewal of our range of products.
The franchise system of Fornetti enables you to safely extend the product range of your existing store with a small investment, or to start a new, profitable business.
The result of the carefully selected materials and the high quality of the raw ingredients - is the healthy product.