History of the company


New product bags appear on the market, in accordance with the new creative direction of the Group.


Fornetti Romania receives the award for Best Pastry Company for Timis County and also at national level, Best Pastry Company in Romania.


Following positive results, the company begins partnerships with different associations in Romania: Save the Children, SOS Children’s Village, environmental companies, schools, football team UTA, sportsman Daniel Corbeanu and attending top music festivals and food fairs.


Fornetti Romania receives the award for Best Pastry Company for Timis County and also at national level, Best Pastry Company in Romania.


Year 2015 brought the successful completion of the legal reorganization period, he number of stores has a steady trend.

Starting with August 2015, Fornetti is a member of the Aryzta AG- Global Bakery Group, which is on the 3rd place in the top international firms in producing frozen bread and pastry. Within the Aryzta AG group operates 60 brands on 4 continents.


Fornetti starts, at a Group level, the rebranding process of all franchise shops. The orange furniture changes to a chocolate brown one, with good lightening in order to emphasize the products, and the brand renounces, for the first time, at the blue color from the logo. Fornetti Romania embraces the new logo, completely orange. 

The upgrading process is soon visible in all country, Fornetti being a young and modern brand. 


2013 - 2014

Successive stages for regularization of relations with creditor banks, suppliers, and an increasing trend of opening new stores. With a steady upward development of the company, each step of the legal reorganization was successfully passed. New kind of product, mini, individually, and food are consolidated. A new vision is established over the uniform appearance of the stores.


The contact with former partners are made again, a tour within the country is established in order to re-consolidate the franchise system and the first stage of the legal reorganization is surmounted. The Radio Fornetti station with internet broadcast is established as an expression of the need for internal and external communication, and it is the first company radio station in Romania;

2010 -2011

was a period that might be characterized by product development, improvement of assortments, stores modernization. The years marked by economic crisis, the shutdown of several Fornetti stores, and in December 2011, following the creditors' pressure, Fornetti Romania declares its insolvency; 

2009 - the „New Direction” program started.

The vision of the future ensured the development of Fornetti franchise on the recession period as well.

Ever since its establishment, the Fornetti Franchise is characterized by reduced franchise fee and collaboration with partners from small and medium enterprises, reduced capital - cooperation regulated by the franchise agreement. Through this type of collaboration we support our partners, including through the application of constant innovation that is necessary for development.

Fornetti produces the presentation furniture and auxiliary bodies in its own factory, developed to increase the efficiency of daily activities, which can be combined as modules for various commercial premises. Based on a verified and already tested concept store, Fornetti supports its partners with its own design team, with the proper improvement and equipment of the store.

The Fornetti Franchise International Center becomes a training center in which its personal employees and the franchise partners' employees are continuously trained for using new technologies. Similar training centers are established in each Franchise Master company.

The great extension of the factory is completed by bringing into service new raw materials and finished products warehouses. A major transformation is established in the store aspect by supplying standard furniture manufactured in Hungary. 


Fornetti franchise obtained Ist place at the Hungarian Franchise Association.

A peak year in the investment field in the factory of Romania, the semi-automatic lines are replaced with automated production lines, the works at the water treatment stations and for new storage areas commence;


Fornetti was among the first companies that used only a "good" margarine, low in trans fatty acids. Obviously, this thing involved new production technological solutions, besides keeping regular flavor values and identical consistency of products. From October 2007, Fornetti products are no longer made with hydrogenated margarine.

The pizza type of products are assimilated into production and the products by piece are stabilized in number. Baking Technologies meet transformations generated by the particularities of product types, new types of ovens are assimilated

 The 10-year anniversary was marked by a tombola with a duration of 10 month. In the Altro presentation store, within which the Pizza – fresh and delivered at home project was launched. 

The „Fornetti for ill children” Foundation collected almost 20 million forintS with the ballot boxes placed in the partner stores.

Se asimilează în producție sortimentele de tip pizza iar produsele la bucată se stabilizează ca număr. Tehnologiile de coacere cunosc transformări generate de particularitățile tipurilor de produse, sunt asimilate noi tipuri de cuptoare.

Aniversarea a 10 ani de existență a fost marcată de o tombolă cu durata de 10 luni.

În magazinul de prezentare Altro, a fost demarat proiectul Pizza- proaspătă și livrată la domiciliu.

Fundația „Fornetti pentru copii bolnavi” a colectat prin urnele așezate la magazinele partenere, aproape 20 milioane de forinți.


We renewed the image elements. The Fornetti little oven, which already had 10 years, rejuvenated and became more cheerful and full of enthusiasm. In August, we put into service three fully automated production lines in the factory from Kecskemét, with a production capacity of 1 ton / hour. The investment result of almost 3.5 million Euro: improved quality and a more unitary appearance.

A new warehouse of finite products is built at Timișoara, the range of products is considerably extended, and the number of stores continues to grow. The logistic system is also consolidate, the number of vehicles exceeds 100;

It was the year dedicated to the participation in different social events. In December, the „Fornetti for ill children” Association donated 15 million forintS to a treatment center.


waa inaugurated the production hall of Fornetti Pannon KFT. The first Altro store was opened at Kiskunfélegyháza, after which one in Timișoara. The „Fornetti for ill children” Association donated 14 million forints for treating 5 children with severe heart disease.

The extension and consolidation of the network continues, and the social involvements intensifies: Fornetti Romania builds a house and repairs other two, all affected by the floods from spring 2005 from Banat.

- The Fornetti franchise was ranked on 3rd place in the European franchise top


we obtained the BVQI Certificate which attests the IFS and ISO 9001-2000 certification.

The pre-leavened products were launched. The Fornetti Romania franchise is extended and is consolidated mainly on the already established distribution routes. Fornetti Romania becomes the largest franchise system from Romania with over 500 stores, followed by the German network with 180 stores. The car park gets richer with 3 transport vehicles of 20 tonnes;

The development of Fornetti system in Ukraine is started.


The factory from Kiskunfélegyháza was modernized and equipped with a tunnel type of oven with a surface of 150m². The first extra-European store was opened in Kuweit.

In Romania, a territorial reorganization of the stores enlargement with relevant distribution routes takes place:

  • Timișoara region with 18 counties from the Western part of the country
  • Lutița region with 12 counties from Moldova and central part of the country
  • Bucharest region with 10 counties from the Southern – Eastern part of the country

The pre-baked and baked products were launched.


a reference year in the existence of Fornetti Romania. At the end of April, the Hodoni plant, Timiș County is brought into service. The fleet of transport vehicles of Avia type of medium capacity increases from 3 to 6 cars. The distribution focuses on the cities of the Western part of the country. In the second half of the year, the configuration of a South route and a central route are set.

The standardizing of Fornetti stores commenced. Starting with May, the market first digital ovens were brought on the market. Autumn brought Fingers Food type of products. Serbia joined the Master Franchise system. 

  • March was marked by the appearance of products without yeast, express.
  • In May were introduced on the market the products by piece.


On 01.05, the Fornetti developed oven with "Forno di Fornetti" digital control system was introduced.

In the new oven, the quality of baked products was a lot better and more constant than the previous models which were only modified. The advantage of the oven is that the operation needs less observations, it functions programmed and after introducing the products the machine performs all steps (i.e  steaming) and announces the end of baking time.

In August was inaugurated the Fornetti Export Center in Kecskemét, which at the moment is the coordonation base of Fornetti Group and it is extended on a surface over 4.000 m². The frozen food warehouse imported from Hungary moves to Timișoara. The transport-distribution routes are set up for the Western part of the country;


Exceeding the regional capacity, Fornetti Franchise became a national system that dominated the market and became a recognized trademark. The products could be found in food stores from each important place.

The Hungary franchise partners have reached to a number of 1.200-, which is over 1.500 backing points and franchise contracts.

The franchise owned over 2.700 backing points in the Eastern and Central Europe.

Also in 2000, the first mass production hall was opened in Kiskunfélegyháza. The first Fornetti products enter the Romanian market in the stores from Oradea, Satu Mare, Cluj-Napoca, Baia Mare, Carei. The frozen food warehouse was located in Oradea;


On 01.03.1997, the master chef Palásti József set up Fornetti Kft. as a family business. The production of frozen bakery products, with trade character, started in a modified house from Kecskemét. Initially, the product range consisted only of Pogăcele with cheese and Pogăcele with scraps, products that, different from the European practice, the customers could buy individually and not by kilogram. The marketing of Fornetti products took place in a new network, stores with baking at sight, in a franchised system that was unknown in Hungary. The base thereof consisted in the mobile cooking units that could easily be located and expanded.

Day by day almost 2 million people consume the products of Fornetti. Adapting to the needs of our customers we place emphasis on the continuous renewal of our range of products.
The franchise system of Fornetti enables you to safely extend the product range of your existing store with a small investment, or to start a new, profitable business.
The result of the carefully selected materials and the high quality of the raw ingredients - is the healthy product.